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Moonday Monday- July 8th-14th

Analisa Six brings you your weekly Astrology Forecast

Monday July 8th

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus 4:04 am

Mercury in Leo sextile Jupiter in Gemini 7:26 am

Moon in Leo inconjunct Saturn in Pisces 9:57 am

Moon in Leo square Mars in Taurus 2:18 pm

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries 5:49 pm

Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 11:04 pm V/C

Venus makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus today bringing potential surprises when it comes to relationships with lovers and close friends. This is a positive time to be open hearted to what is coming through.

 Mercury, our planet of communication, also makes a positive aspect to Jupiter giving us the opportunity to speak from our heart in ways that provide growth and understanding. This is a great time to learn something new as well as lean into creative energies and projects. We will be under the influence of both of these transits for the week.

 Our Moon in Leo makes some harder aspects throughout the day adding a flare of tension in the air. We may have area’s in our lives we wish we had more love, passion, attention, or validation from others. We do well to work on this theme by observing with self awareness how we can fill our own cup rather than searching for it in other people. 

Tuesday July 9th

Moon in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 6:38 am

Moon enters Virgo 6:48 am

Moon in Virgo inconjunct Pluto in Aquarius 9:08 am

With the Moon in Virgo today we may feel inclined to lean into our projects that require detail and focus. This is a great day to knock things off the to-do list and to get organized. 

With the Moon making a hard aspect to Pluto in the morning, we benefit from being open minded to any changes our day requires from us. If you are being challenged to move forward in a way that is different, see where you can lean into learning something from it vs. getting frustrated. 

Wednesday July 10th

Moon in Virgo square Jupiter in Gemini 3:07 am

Sun in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces 8:05 pm

Moon in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces 8:05 pm

Moon in Virgo sextile Sun in Cancer 9:34 pm

Today’s Sun in Cancer trine to Saturn in Pisces brings cardinal and mutable water together enhancing our ability to connect to spiritual and ethereal realms with easy access. This is a positive day for self care practices, being in water, working on artistic projects, dreamwork and meditation.

Our Moon makes hard aspects to Jupiter and Saturn today which could cause us to feel anxious, emotional, or even scattered. It is important we find healthy ways to ground our energy by slowing down and assessing what actually needs our time and energy.

We will be feeling better in the evening hours when the Moon and the Sun are in harmony, bringing resolution to a more challenging frequency of energy we encountered earlier in the day.

Thursday July 11th

Moon in Virgo inconjunct Chiron in Aries 5:47 am

Moon in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus 5:51 am

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces 7:32 am

Venus enters Leo 9:19 am

Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus 11:20 am

Moon in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces 6:55 pm V/C

Moon enters Libra 7:06 pm

Moon in Libra sextile Venus in Leo 8:15 pm

Moon in Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius 9:24 pm

Venus, our planet of relationships, makes a trine to Neptune in the early hours of the morning before entering the fixed fire sign of Leo. This is an incredibly powerful time to reflect on what you were going through from June 2023-September of 2023 when Venus was in Leo and made her retrograde from July-early September. It was a challenging time for many relationships. This is an opportunity to let go of that chapter and begin defining a new one. Especially when it comes to relationships. 

Our Moon enters the cardinal air sign of Libra in the evening and makes positive aspects to both Venus and Pluto, enabling us to genuinely feel connected to the changes that are taking place within our heart and mind. 

Friday July 12th

Venus in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius 7:12 am

Moon in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini 4:58 pm

Venus in the fixed fire sign of Leo makes an opposition to Pluto in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Something is changing for all of us on a collective level with how we approach relationships and social change. This is an extremely powerful time to walk away from relationship dynamics that are not serving you. Tell the universe what you are ready to let go of when it comes to anything that blocks you from self love. 

Moon in Libra trine Jupiter in Gemini enables us to grow beyond previous beliefs and perspectives we once held. This is a positive time to be open to learning new things and giving yourself grace throughout the process. 

Saturday July 13th

Moon in Libra sextile Mercury in Leo 5:18 am

Moon in Libra inconjunct Saturn in Pisces 10:16 am

Moon in Libra square Sun in Cancer 3:49 pm V/C

Moon in Libra opposition Chiron in Aries 6:45 pm

Moon in Libra inconjunct Mars in Taurus 10:35 pm

Our intellect is heightened when the Moon is active in the cardinal air sign of Libra. We may feel a lot of reflection happening around relationship dynamics with others and how it blocks, hinders, or supports us to be around various types of places, people, and things. 

Sunday July 14th

Moon in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 12:24 am

Moon in Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 7:40 am

Moon enters Scorpio 7:53 am

Moon in Scorpio square Pluto in Aquarius 10:01 am

Moon in Scorpio square Venus in Leo 3:55 pm

The Moon enters its Fall of Scorpio, meaning it does not perform at its best when under the influence of the fixed water sign. Moon in Scorpio can have us feeling a need to isolate, get a break, we could feel more on edge or irritable. It is important we nurture our need to retreat. Don’t push yourself hard today.

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