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The Lady of Leosure is a lifestyle blog centered on self exploration and expression started by Chicana Leo lady, Analisa Six.

In 2020 Analisa began experiencing some health problems that have required her to step back from full time work. In the midst of trying to find herself through this new chapter, the Lady of Leosure blog was born.


Analisa was born in Ellensburg, WA and has lived in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, and now currently resides in Yucca Valley, California with her husband Terry Six and their two fur children, Bam Bam, and Bruce Wayne. 

Analisa's interests include 60's and 70's inspired fashion, Elvis Presley,  song writing, veganism, animal rights advocacy, studying applied behavior analysis for both humans and animals, Tarot, Astrology, sobriety, and mysticism. 


Analisa is a professional Astrologer and writes a bi-monthly column for, certified Tarot reader under world famous author Vicki Noble, certified Canine Training Behavior Consultant (CTBC) and certified Dog Walker (CDW)  through the Dog Training Internship Academy of San Francisco and Dogtec University.

Analisa Six

The Lady of Leosure

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