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Celebrating 10 years married at Two Bunch Palms

Wow time is flying by!!! My husband and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary at a southern California resort that is rich in history and known for its rejuvenating hot springs. My husband and I were married in a small fishing town in Mexico called Ricon De Guayabitos. It was important to us to spend our 10 year anniversary somewhere that felt tropical and relaxing.

When you drive through Desert Hot Springs, a town located below the high desert, but above Palm Springs, it looks like a lower income desert town with not much to offer, but tucked away between lush palms and cacti lies a romantic and rejuvenating escape known as Two Bunch Palms.

Two Bunch Palms is a resort known for its hot springs and mineral pools. The oldest pool is said to be one of the original tapped as early as the 1920's called "The Grotto." This pool is surrounded by lush palms and tropical plants, a cobblestone man made waterfall, and cute little cottages with stained glass windows that match. It is rumored to have been a mob hang out in the 20s and 30s for the infamous gangster Al Capone. There is even a room named after him that has a mirror inside with a bullet hole in it from a failed assassination attempt from a rival gang. This property was said to be a stomping ground for Al Capone and his mob through prohibition era where they kept alcohol and contraband in underground tunnels and secret rooms.

Over the years this beautiful oasis has been a popular hang for celebrities and socialites commuting from Hollywood to escape the hustle and bustle from the city. These days it seems to continue to keep its reputation as a wonderful hidden gem tucked away in the desert.

The restaurant at Two Bunch is honestly my favorite place to eat in the entire desert. Plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well as a great list of mock-tails. The Avocado toast is the best Avocado toast I have ever had in my life! The other hit on the menu was the Lions Mane Mushroom steak dinner. As a Leo I knew I had to have that before we checked out and WOW!!!! One of the best meals I have ever had.

We were also big fans of the Mushroom vitality broth. I really wish I had that recipe to replicate at home.

The two primary mock-tails they have on their menu is a cucumber chia fresca and a ginger agave spritzer. Both were delightful!

We spent two days and two nights staying in a room that was close by the the Glass House. This was nice because it made walking around the large 77 acre property easy for us to get everywhere and was close to the majority of the mineral pools. My favorite pool was the large circular concrete pool and The Grotto. There are many private concrete and teak pools lining the walk ways that are open to guests 22 hours out of the day. They close for cleaning between 6 and 8am. I wish I could wake up every morning and soak in these pools! My body felt amazing.

I wore the dress I got married in for our wedding dinner. It felt so special!

The staff at Two Bunch Palms excel at meeting your needs and making you feel welcome. Our friend John who works in the restaurant told everyone on staff it was our 10 year wedding anniversary, and wow, I couldn't believe how much the entire staff went out of their way to make it special for us.

I can't wait until we plan our next vacation here. It is by far one of my favorite not so secret desert escapes and I am so grateful we get to live only 33 minutes away!

Thank you to everyone at Two Bunch for giving us an unforgettable anniversary and a perfect vacation.



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