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July 2024 Horoscopes with Analisa Six

Analisa Six here to bring you the Astrology forecast and Horoscopes for July 2024. 

Dates to be aware of:

Starting June out we have the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, Mars and Uranus in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, Jupiter in the mutable air sign of Gemini, Saturn and Neptune in the mutable waters of Pisces, and Pluto in the fixed air sign of Aquarius.

July 2nd Mercury enters the fixed fire sign of Leo, Neptune stations retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces.

July 5th we have a new Moon at 14 degrees of Cancer.

July 11th Venus enters Leo.

July 30th Mars enters Gemini.

July 21st we have a full Moon at 29 degrees of Capricorn.

July 22nd Leo season begins.

July 25th Mercury enters Virgo and enters its shadow period for it’s up and coming retrograde in August. 

July 26th Chiron stations retrograde in Aries. 

I also offer 1:1 Astrology and Tarot mentorship as well as readings and consultations.

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