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June 2024 Astrology and Horoscopes

Happy June!

Analisa Six here to bring you the Astrology forecast and Horoscopes for June 2024. 

I write to you today on June 6th where it happens to be an auspicious New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini. Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and rules our relationship to communication, learning, and perspective. In Gemini we learn to see duality and differences as something that enriches our lives and relationships to self as well as others.

New Moon’s are a positive time to set intentions around what we wish to cultivate in the weeks moving forward. 

Dates to be aware of:

Starting June out we have the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in the sign of Gemini, with Mercury joining the party on June 3rd. Mars will be finishing its stint up in Aries before entering the fixed earth sign of Taurus on June 9th. Mercury and Venus will be blessing the cardinal waters of Cancer starting on May 17th.

June 20th marks our Summer Solstice and entry into Cancer season, Happy Birthday to all of the Cancer BB’s!

June 21st we will have a full Moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn giving us an opportunity to focus on releasing and letting go of any blockages or limiting beliefs we may be carrying about our ability to be successful in life. 

June 29th Saturn will be stationing retrograde in Pisces until November, giving us an opportunity to reflect and review our relationship to spirituality, substances, and themes around escapism. 

If you want a bigger breakdown on how June’s Astrology will impact you, watch your Sun and rising sign video’s below.

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Peace and Love,




How does your communication impact your perception?


Money Money Money! What’s your relationship to money and how does it impact your self worth?


Happy Birthday! What’s your relationship to self love and self worth?


What inspires you to dream big?


How do you contribute to the community you’re apart of?


Work Work Work! 


Are you living in harmony with your truth?


Time for another death and rebirth cycle, do what you do best, GROW!


What does partnership and relationship mean to you?


How are you setting yourself up for success in regard to your daily routine and health?


What is your relationship to creative self expression and joy?


That home project you're thinking about….do it. 



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