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Moonday Monday Astrology Forecast~ July 1st-7th

Analisa Six brings you the weekly Astrology Forecast

Monday July 1st

Moon in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus 9:19 am

Moon in Taurus sextile Venus in Cancer 11:42 am

Moon in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces 2:28 pm

We start the month of July off with our Moon in its sign of exaltation: Taurus. When the Moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus we benefit from spending time doing things that ground us positively into the earthly realm such as spending time in nature, cooking or eating nourishing foods, adornment and beauty rituals, organizing financial goals in a productive way, and physical exercises. We also benefit from blending our emotional and physical together in a way that is balanced and empowering by allowing ourselves to lean into our feelings but also slowing down enough to take a more practical approach to things.

Tuesday July 2ndMoon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus 1:29 am

Neptune stations retrograde 3:40 am

Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces 4:53 am

Mercury enters Leo 5:50 am

Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces 8:43 am V/C

Moon enters Gemini 8:50 am

Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury in Leo 9:16 am

Moon in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius 11:11 am

Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces 6:41 am

Neptune stations retrograde at the critical 29 degree point of Pisces. Neptune has been in the mutable water sign since 2012 and is finishing up its last stint over the next 9 months. This is a positive time to reflect on the last 14 years and how this energy shaped you into who you are today. There is a chapter ending so that a new one can begin to take form. Retrogrades with any planet are a time for reflection and review. Neptune will be entering Aries in 2025 and a whole new chapter will begin collectively for us. How has Neptune in Pisces shaped your life and your relationship to spirit? 

Today we also have our planet of communication, Mercury, making an easy fast moving aspect to the planet Neptune. This enhances our emotional world, psychic abilities, and creative energy. This is a positive time for spiritual and psychic work. 

Mercury will leave Cancer after this transit and enter the fixed fire sign of Leo where it will be for the next couple of weeks. Mercury in Leo is a much different energy from Mercury in Cancer. In Leo, Mercury wants to be seen, heard, and validated for all of its glory that it is bringing to the table. There is a need to be creative, passionate, joyful, and playful. However, Mercury in Leo can lend it itself to comparison games, arrogance, egotistical delusions of grandeur. 

Mercury in Leo is a great time to work on gaining confidence to share yourself with others, especially when it comes to art and creative projects. It is also a great time to get in touch with your inner child and to not take things seriously. 

Our Moon will enter Gemini later on in the day amping up our mental awareness and ability to communicate our feelings in a more analytical way. We have a tendency to over analyze a situation when the Moon is in this mutable air sign. If you find yourself over thinking something, find a way to step back and ground. Can you journal this energy to find some clarity? Let go of anything you can’t control and try to find a way to be productive about something you can control instead of spiraling. 

Wednesday July 3rd

Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter in Gemini 12:05 am

Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius 12:27 am

Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces 6:58 pm

Today we are being challenged to grow beyond perspectives that in the past would have prevented us from having the confidence to push forward towards an outlandish dream or idea. This is a day to lean into where you are perceiving reality in new ways. 

Mercury in Leo making an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius also gives us an opportunity to see deeper into a situation regarding our relationship to how we share ourselves with our community and whether or not we feel in alignment with those around us. We are changing perspectives around self expression and opening ourselves up to new ideas. 

There is tension in the air around communication and feeling grounded. We may find ourselves to be more irritable or reactive. This is a good day for writing or journaling any feelings that come up instead of projecting or taking anything out on others.  

Thursday July 4th

Moon in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries 1:54 am

Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces 1:44 pm V/C

Moon enters Cancer 1:51 pm

Moon in Cancer inconjunct Pluto in Aquarius 4:11 pm

The Moon enters its home sign of Cancer today and enables us to lean into where we need to feel comfortable in our home and family environments. If you are celebrating July 4th and spending it with family, this is a good day to lean into all of the activities, eat good food, spend time in water, and enjoy the day. 

Friday July 5th

New Moon in Cancer

Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces 12:02 pm

Moon in Cancer conjunct Sun in Cancer 3:57 pm 

Venus in Cancer square Chiron in Aries 11:33 pm

Mars in Taurus makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn in Pisces. This is an amazing energy for making progress on artistic and creative goals/projects. Especially when it comes to art like painting and music. For those who are not artistically inclined or working on any art, this is a positive day for merging practice reality with spiritual ideals. How can we take action around our spiritual practice in a way that empowers us in the physical as we move towards our goals?

We have a wonderful New Moon in Cancer today that allows for us to set intentions in areas of our lives we desire to have more nurturing, self care, and connection to ancestral healing in positive and powerful ways. This is a great time for self care rituals, think of the energy of the Ace of Cups in the tarot. The gift of emotional fulfillment, love, new beginnings, joy. 

With Venus making a hard aspect to Chiron today, we may have identity wounds within relationships come up for us today, especially when it comes to romantic relationships and relationships with family members. The energy of the New Moon is here to help us reflect on what intentions we want to set towards healing some of the wounds coming up for us around relationships at this time.

Saturday July 6th

Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces 1:10 am

Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus 1:56 am

Moon in Cancer square Chiron in Aries 8:31 am

Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus in Cancer 9:27 am

Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus 1:24 pm

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces 8:47 pm V/C

Moon enters Leo 8:56 pm

Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius 11:16 pm

With the Moon in Cancer making many aspects to our planets for most of the day and the shadow of the New Moon still in the ether, we may feel exhausted and like we are processing a lot of feelings coming up to the surface for us at this time. It is a good day to be productive around emotional and spiritual healing. Leaning into areas where we can nurture our inner child. Giving ourselves opportunities to move slow, take time outs, and cry it out if we need to.

The Moon enters Leo in the evening hours and makes an opposition to Pluto, this is a positive time to release and let go of anything that the New Moon energy brought up for you that needs to be done away with.

Sunday July 7th

Moon in Leo conjunct Mercury in Leo 1:23 pm

Moon in Leo sextile Jupiter in Gemini 3:19 pm

The Moon in Leo calls for us to play, create, laugh, express ourselves unapologetically, be loud, proud, defiant in yourself. Don’t take anything seriously, enjoy the playful energy of the Sun ruled cat of the Zodiac…..

Watch the Astrology Forecast for the whole month of July!



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