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2022 Holiday Gift Guide Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Happy Holidays friends!

Shopping for loved ones can be a challenge this time of year, which is why I always rely on the art astrology to help me out when finding the best gifts for my family and friends! While I was searching around the web I stumbled upon some pretty amazing and hilarious gifts I have never heard of nor seen before. Now I am wanting a bunch of stuff I don't need.....which is nothing new.

I took the time to curate this wonderful gift guide for you based on your Zodiac sign. Remember to look at the gifts for your rising, Moon, and Venus sign as those may also pertain to you.

Make sure to let me know in the comments what you think about the gift I picked for your sign!


Ok, this one may have been a bit of a projection on my part as my husband who is an Aries is a sober bartender, but how cool is this book?! I feel like Aries people in my life have always loved a good cocktail and how fun is it to have so many dry options these days? I think I will have to pick up a copy of this for my hubby this year.


I do not know a single Taurus person who is not obsessed with snacks and eating all of the time. Hello Bite Society has some amazing vegan and plant based gift boxes that any snack obsessed foodie would love!


With Mars in Gemini this year, our Gemini friends have not been having an easy time when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. These cards help you work through feeling anxious and they have adorable pictures of dogs on them! There is a cat deck for your Gemini cat lovers as well!


Being cozy and cocooned is every Cancer dominants favorite feeling. I had no idea that Thera was making a weighted hoodie now! They have some other weighted products that look comfy as hell!


Ok, Aviator Nation has done it again. If I don't get this sweat suit under my tree for Xmas I am going to be pretty mad. Their entire Wild collection is perfect for your Leo dominant person in your life, and its unisex!


I do not know a single Virgo who isn't a natural when it comes to taking care of plants. Almost all of them have a jungle in their home! I guess a plant subscription box is the last thing they need but Hey Horti has an amazing selection with a monthly subscription starting at $28! Not bad.


If you didn't know already, Libra's are obsessed with how they smell, and because they can be so indecisive, they usually wear multiple scents at once! Scentbird offers 3 different options for a gift subscription to send to your favorite scent hound starting at just $48 for 3 months.


While most Scorpio's I know prefer eating out, I just had to include this plant based cook book that is Horror movie themed for my Scorpio friends! This would inspire any horror fan to cook!


NYC Astrologer Aliza Kelly published her first oracle deck this year and it is a perfect gift for your philosophical Sagittarius dominant friend!


Capricorn's tend to work hard and have a lot on their plates so what better gift than a book full of ideas on how to relieve your stress by screaming into various objects. I am here for it.


The average Aquarius tends to enjoy prioritizing time with their friends. What better way to spend time with friends than to get to know them through an embarrassing self revealing party game! Sign me up.


Pisces dominant people benefit from healthy and grounding ways to escape reality. Tarot can be a great tool for connecting to yourself in a grounded and deeper way. Adult coloring books are also a positive way to connect to your inner child. Why not combine the two? My Pisces Moon already wants this coloring book. Please and thank you!



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