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How Astrology Helped Me Get Sober

Hola readers!

I have written many blogs over the years about my sobriety, and even have a few Youtube videos on my channel from back then, but wow does that feel like a whole different world now.

The Sober Curator asked us to share our sobriety stories for the website and I felt extremely excited to have the opportunity and excuse to take an updated and more recent video about my story now that its been 7 years. So much in my life has happened since I quit drinking and it is wild to think how much I have accomplished in 7 years. A Saturn cycle! Saturn is also who I have to thank for my sobriety.

I first started blogging when I first got sober and ironically named my first blog after a drink that I used to love at a neighborhood bar my husband and I used to frequent back when we were still living in Portland. It was called The Bitchy Parrot and was a cathartic release for me in navigating my early days of sobriety. You can still find it and read it here: I have come a long way as a writer since then, so I appreciate some grace with my grammar, spelling, and punctuation if you do happen to feel inclined to pop over there.

I also have moved into enjoying more of the video format for my articles as it is easier on my brain and body and I do enjoy having more freedom to express my voice the way it feels to me rather than having to worry so much about punctuation and spelling errors. So with that said, here is my story in video format. I hope you enjoy it!



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